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Residential Junk Removal In Jupiter, FL

Living in the same house for decades is a remarkable journey filled with beautiful memories. But as time passes, it’s easy for items to pile up, especially if you feel attached to them or unsure how to dispose of them. This clutter can create an environment of discomfort and chaos, disrupting your peace and tranquility. Even worse, it can create hazards that risk your health and safety.  

You deserve a clean, organized space to enjoy your daily activities. At Stache The Trash, we understand this need and are here to help. Our junk removal services go above and beyond to ensure your home is clutter-free. We are certified and insured, so you can guarantee we will thoroughly clean up. Work with us!

Trust Our Efficient, Hassle-Free Solutions

Do you want to clear up your area but are unsure where to start? Old, unused items take up space and can become an eyesore and threaten your comfort. That’s where Stache The Trash comes in. Our team specializes in furniture removal, providing an accessible solution to declutter your home.

From outdated appliances to random clutter, we handle it all. Our home clutter removal service promotes a clean and organized home environment, enhancing your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Residential Junk Removal

Stache The Trash offers a comprehensive range of residential junk removal services. That way, you can get tailored solutions to reclaim your area.

We take away:

  • Old furniture
  • Unused appliances
  • Random clutter
  • Broken electronics
  • General trash


We aim to address all your junk removal needs, providing a one-stop solution for a clutter-free home. Whether big or small, we handle every job with utmost respect and attention to detail. 


Time to Bid Farewell to Clutter- Get Our Home Clutter Removal Service!

Choosing to live amidst clutter can lead to more stress and less space. Why compromise your well-being when you could achieve a pristine, safe area? Reclaiming the tranquility of your home is as simple as:


Reach out to Stache The Trash and schedule an appointment.


Let our expert team handle the junk or furniture removal, saving you the hassle.


Enjoy the newfound space and serenity of your decluttered home!

Choosing Stache The Trash means choosing a clean, organized, peaceful home. Are you ready to create more beautiful memories in a healthy space? Contact our team today!

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